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PF Integration Option

This integration option supports the payment transaction:


Payment flow

  1. Customer selects UPI as a payment method on the merchant's website and submits their VPA (Virtual Payment Address).
  2. Merchant sends the payment request to Demo PSP.
  3. Demo PSP returns the payment status to the merchant: pending or failed.
  4. Customer receives a payment confirmation request in their UPI application.
  5. Customer confirms the payment in their UPI application.
  6. Demo PSP sends a webhook notification with successful, failed or pending status.

Send a payment request with the following additional parameters:

Parameter Type Description
method object A section of the payment method.
type * required
string upi
account * required
string VPA/UPI ID of the customer.
customer * required
object A section of information about the customer.
first_name * required
string The customer's first name.
last_name * required
string The customer's last name.
state * required string (2) The customer's billing state. Set as the 2 last symbols of the code in the ISO 3166-2 format.
city * required string (100) The customer's billing city.
zip * required string The post code of the customer's billing address.
address * required string (100) The customer's address.
phone * required
string (14) The customer's phone number.
email * required
string The customer's email address.
Request example
    "request": {
        "amount": 10042,
        "currency": "INR",
        "description": "description",
        "test": false,
            "customer": {
            "first_name": "John",
            "last_name": "Doe",
            "state": "KA",
            "city": "Bangalore",
            "zip": "560002",
            "address": "1st Street",
            "phone": "17777777777",
            "email": ""
        "method": {
            "type": "upi",
            "account": "1234"

The upi response section will have the same parameters as in the request.