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PF Integration option

This integration option supports the payout transaction:



Send a payout request with the following additional parameters:

Parameter Type Description
method object A section of the payment method information.
type * required
string imps
account * required
string The IMPS account number for a payout.
bank_name * required
string The bank name of the payout recipient.
ifsc_code * required
string The IFSC-code of the recipient bank.
account_name * required
string The name of the IMPS account holder.
customer * required
object A section of information about the customer.
first_name * required
string The customer's first name.
last_name * required
string The customer's last name.
address * required
string The customer's address.
state * required string (2) The customer's billing state. Set as the 2 last symbols of the code in the ISO 3166-2 format.
city * required string (100) The customer's billing city.
zip * required string The post code of the customer's billing address.
phone string (14) The customer's phone number.
email string The customer's email address.
Request example
        "test": true,
            "address":"1st Street",
            "state": "DL"
            "account": "123456789",
            "account_name": "John Doe",
            "ifsc_code": "ABCD0001234",
            "bank_name": "BANK0000123"

The response will contain the imps section with the payment method parameters.

Response example
    "transaction": {
        "uid": "e1236a41-b26c-489e-a0ea-3419aab1e123",
        "type": "payout",
        "status": "pending",
        "amount": 30000,
        "currency": "INR",
        "description": "description",
        "created_at": "2023-06-02T09:33:13Z",
        "updated_at": "2023-06-02T09:33:15Z",
        "method_type": "imps",
        "receipt_url": "",
        "payout": {
            "status": "pending",
            "gateway_id": 1234,
            "ref_id": "4322647",
            "message": "Transaction was initialized"
        "imps": {
            "type": "imps",
            "account": "123456789",
            "account_name": "John Doe",
            "ifsc_code": "ABCD0001234",
            "bank_name": "BANK0000123"
        "customer": {
            "email": null,
            "ip": null
        "message": "Transaction was initialized",
        "tracking_id": "your_uniq_number",
        "test": true,
        "language": "en",
        "billing_address": {
            "first_name": "John",
            "last_name": "Doe",
            "country": "IN",
            "state": "DL",
            "city": "Delhi",
            "zip": "96002",
            "address": "1st Street"
        "additional_data": {
            "payment_method": {
                "type": "alternative"